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Creating an account with TrainerTainment’s Interactive Online Learning site:


Step 1: Click the “Course Login” tab or the Login button


Step 2: Click the link, “Register for an Account” on the right side of your screen.


Step 3: Fill out the User Profile form completely and agree to the terms and conditions.


Step 4: Your account has been created! Click my account to see your files and training.


Step 5: Click on “View Files & Training” to access your courses. Click on “Free Modules” to access the tutorial and other free courses as available.


Step 6: Launch the tutorial in “Free Modules” to see how to:

  • Purchase a course for one learner
  • Purchase a course for multiple learners at once
  • Send a registration code to a learner
  • Use a registration code to enroll
  • Use a discount code